Dog Walking

Dog Walking

Life Enriched Social Experiences, Adventures & Activities.

T. Bone’s Dog Walking Service, Guarantees OODLES of fun activities with Pawsome current & new furry friends. Your beloved pet will enjoy, OODLES of fun loving adventures during both on and or off leash group & private walks with me (Toni). I am your very experienced, attentive & PAWSOME dog walking guide during your pet’s outdoor adventures. T.Bones is committed to creating a safe, PAWSOME environment within council approved dog friendly local parks, beaches and tree lined streets. 


  • Our dog walks and activities are tailored to meet your furry family’s individual needs.                   
  • Our regular walks, contribute greatly with managing your dog’s mental & physical well-being. Improving  joint mobility, weight control, social interaction & so much more.
  • Our walk destination/park locations are regularly alternated to provide and increase your pet’s mental & physical stimulation. 
  • Appropriate, compatible pet socialising and game activities during our outings, will contribute to reducing pet boredom, destructive behaviour, obsessive barking when home alone.
  • Appropriate interaction between T.bones and your furry friend(s) will provide human companionship during pet owners absence.
  • Basic dog training methods are applied during walks to maintain & improve recall & social skills

About Our Walks :

  •  T.bone’s are committed with meeting & maintaining your pet’s walking routine requirements.
  • We are very perceptive to any change in your pet’s health & behaviour. Pet owners will be informed of any concerns with a sense of urgency.
  • All walks are only provided during non life threatening weather conditions.
  • T.bones provides backup pet wet-weather jackets (to fit most sizes) for unexpected cold and wet conditions.
  • Your pet will be kept well hydrated during outings & transportation.
  • Clients are provided with their pet’s selfie moments and outing update.


Group Walks-Full 55 Minute Walk Rate $26.00

  • Minimum 55 min group walk, if walk commences from pet’s home.
  • With transportation, minimum 1.20 hour outing, includes 55 min walk & transportation. (No extra fee for transportation.)
  • Group walks, won’t exceed the legal requirement of 4 dogs per group, per walker.
  • Group walks includes on & off leash time.
  • Group suitability is determine by personality, social behaviour, fitness level compatibility, recall & command obedience.

Private Household Walks – 45 Minute Walk Rate $40.00

  • Private walks are leashed walks, commence from the client’s home. However we can accommodate pet owners who want private on & off leash walks for those furry kids who meet the off leash Park Etiquette requirements. 
  • Private Walks are suitable for all dogs, but very beneficial to those who are not off leash trained, have minimal or no recall, are timid or fearful around people and other dogs. Have a disability or minimal mobility and need their own space.

A Pet With A Healthy Lifestyle, Will Contribute with Increasing Their life Expectancy.



1 Hr Group Walk

1 x Pet =$26.00, 2 x Pets = $45.00

Discount: 10% Off, regular ongoing weekly 5 Day Walks

Private Household Walks – 45 Minutes

1 x Pet = $40.00, 2 x Pets = $50.00

Note: Due to availability, 30 minute walk requests are reviewed on a case by case basis, ,

First Time Clients 

Please give Toni a call on 0411 114 115 to organise your no fee consultation. We will visit your home to discuss and tailor a personalised package to meet both you and your pet’s needs. Just click on our Enquiry Form tab to complete and submit your enquiry.

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Dog Walking

Dog Walking

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