Dog Walking- Poem

Dear Readers, This Poem called “Not Yet, Not Yet” was written for & dedicated to, T. Bone’s Dog Walking & Pet Care. It was extremely humbling, when a very appreciative pet owner with her family wrote a poem especially for T.bones as a gift. This poem is about my client’s family precious fur boy’s reaction, when he hears from a distance T. Bone’s van entering his street for his regular walks. It is with enormous pride, I share this wonderful poem with all pet owners.

Not yet, Not yet

I’m lying on the cool wood floor,
one eye closed, one on the door.
I hear a creak ,a bang, a wail,
Desultorily I wag, my tail.

Not yet, not yet,
not yet, not yet.

Half-heartedly, I pat, my ball
and send it rolling down the hall.
There’s nothing for me but to wait.
She always comes, she’s never late.

Not yet, not yet,
not yet, not yet.

I hear a rumble in the street.
I scramble up onto my feet.
The floor slips underneath my paws,
I scrabble, faster through the doors!

She’s here, she’s here,
she’s here, she’s here!

I jump and greet her with a lick, I can’t keep still I grab my stick.
She’s here, she’s here, she has the lead!
I’m so excited that I’ve peed!

Let’s go, let’s go,
let’s go, let’s go!

She scoops me up, I kiss her face.
I’ll see my friends, we’ll race and race!
I’m riding in the T-Bones van, with Toni, – I’m her biggest fan

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