Cat Sitting

Cat Sitting                                                                                                                   Experienced Across Various Cat Breeds,                                                  Personalities and Behaviours.

Sydney’s Inner West experience & professional service provider T. Bone’s Dog Walking & Pet Care service have been operating since 2011. We know only too well that a high percentage of domestic cat’s preferred accommodation is to stay in the comforts, familiar smells and surroundings of their home. Cats need stability to feel safe and in control within their environment, therefore giving your cat that sense of security.

Majority of our clients have used alternative cat accommodations like catteries and vet/cat boarding services at-least once. They quickly learnt these environments did not suit their cat’s personality. Upon return home  their cat’s well-being deteriorated with increased stress & anxiety, causing decreased appetite, hair loss, had become skittish from noise and hiding more.  

T.Bone’s Cat Sitting carer is experience with caring for various cat breeds, personalities and behaviours. The following is naming just a few of the many behaviour/personalities we have catered for. We would love to include a new personality/behaviour if your cat’s group is not already listed. 

The Closet Cat…

  • Normally stays in their hiding spot majority of the service visit.
  • Hesitates in coming out, however when they do appear they keep their distance and happy to look from afar.
  • Client instructions are met to minimise increasing their cat’s anxiety.
  • Our approach is gentle, non threatening and soft voice communication. 

The Jabber Jaws Cat…

  • Will normally greet the carer at the door with a cry.
  • Is very verbal, enjoys a conversation and human attention.
  • They will verbally let their carer know of their needs and will usually settle when fed,  given a good brushing and had a good chat. 

The Kardashian Cat…

  • They can be rather demanding for their needs to be met.
  • Very confident, thrives on being the centre of attention & loves a chat.
  • Poses for the camera
  • Takes pride in grooming themselves, demands being pampered and brushed.

The Royal Cat…

  • Demands respect, punctuality and routine
  • Prefers no cameras….
  • Requires grooming however prefers not to be fussed over.
  • Normally will seek out attention if and when needed.

The Phantom Cat….

  • Loves the out doors, never seen even when called, 
  • Normally has indoor & outdoor access via cat flap or window ajar.
  • Fed indoors and has an indoor & outdoor water bowl.
  • You know they are still in the neighbourhood as their food bowls are always empty upon visit.
  • Litter tray occasionally used as they normally prefer the garden.

The Bare Grylls Cat…

  • Is an outdoor adventurer
  • Very independent, self sufficient, care free, almost never seen however happy to receive attention whenever they turn up.
  • Food & water supplies provided outdoors.
  • Usually no litter tray. Bush toilet is their preference.

In addition to your precious fur-baby(s) receiving the following standard service requirements, the appropriate attention that suits your cat(s) personality will be lovingly provided, including: pampering, toy play, grooming, appropriate voice controlled conversations all from their cat loving carer during all service visits.

Our services includes:

  • Respecting pet owner’s property/home at all times during service.
  • All food & water bowls washed during service.
  • Water refreshed daily (Cats dislike stagnant water)
  • All feeding instructions met including food amounts, feeding location and removal of bowls after feed, disposing of left over food. 
  • Administering of medication as per instructions.
  • Daily refresh litter tray(s)
  • Litter tray(s) given total wash out/ overhaul as needed
  • Cat grooming – for cats that love the sensation of the brush going through their fur…
  • Shaking cat blankets and fluffing up their bedding.
  • During all services your baby is treated with respect, kindness and will receive the appropriate amount of TLC & attention that suits your cat’s individual personalities.

Our package for all pet/cat sitting, in your home stay-overs include the following standard FREE/COMPLIMENTARY attention, all of which suggests someone is home.

  • Collect letterbox mail & news papers 
  • Address weekly council rubbish collection
  • Watering of pot plants & small gardens as needed
  • Security property/house check,
  • Switching lights off & on, opening & closing of window accessories

Our clients will have “Peace of Mind” with receiving regular e-mail/text pet progress reports during their absence and pet photos if not too camera shy.

Call Toni 0411 114 115  to organise a free no obligation meet and greet to discuss and tailor a package to meet both the pet owner and their pet(s) individual needs, or just click the ENQUIRY HERE Tab to provide and submit your details. 

Cat Sitting Rates – GST
1 Cat2 Cats
1x Daily Visit 28.0033.00
2x Daily Visit 52.7558.00

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