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Dog Walking Lilyfield

Dog Walking Lilyfield

Lilyfield T. Bone’s Dog Walking & Pet Care have experienced, passionate dog walkers who are committed to creating a safe environment during your pet’s beneficial on and off leash dog walking adventure. All walks are provided within council approved dog friendly local parks, beaches and or along tree lined streets. T. Bone’s Dog Walking & Pet Care would love the privilege to continue to walk your beloved pet(s) when you’re unable too.

Exercise in conjunction with a healthy diet is an important part of any dog’s daily requirements, despite their age, size & fitness level. Regular and the appropriate level of exercise will help keep your pet healthy, mentally & physically stimulated. Not to mention agile & limber, assist with weight control, contribute to a good digestive system, aid in relieving constipation, reduce destructive behaviour & hyperactivity.

Pet owners will look forward to returning home to their contented and relaxed pet(s). A pet with a healthy life style makes a happy home & helps reduce vet bills!

On & or Off Leash. Private 30 – 60 Minute Dog Walking –


  • 100% attention is given to your furry family member(s) during individual household private leash and off leash dog walks provided within their local area and dog friendly parks.
  • Your experienced dog walker is more perceptive to any change in your pet’s health & behaviour.
  • Walks are better controlled for dogs who are not off leash social, have minimal or no recall and have a disability or minimal mobility.
  • Timid and fearful dogs will build up their confidents and trust as your dog walker will gradually expose your pet socially to other humans & dogs alike.
  • Play location can be isolated for dogs who love to play fetch with a ball or frisbee but don’t like sharing their toys with others!
  • No van transportation required to their destination as private household walks commence from the client’s home.

Small Group Walks: Client Combined 60 Minute Social Dog Walking

  • Client combined walks won’t exceed more than 4 compatible dogs per dog walker.
  • Client combined walks with another authorised client are determine by social compatibility & fitness level etc:
  • Dogs during authorised off leash time will have the opportunity to socialise with old & new furry mates, chase balls, sniff butts, dog paddle, or just enjoy interacting with their dog walker.

All Dog Walking Services

  • Pet owners are allocated their own designated professional dog walker to help develop and strengthen the trust, bond between your pet and their walker.
  • All pets are closely supervised, and will constantly receive the high standard of care that pet owners would expect from their devoted and trustworthy dog walker.
  • All pets have access to fresh water during & after their service walk.
  • All pets will receive their full allocated dog walking time paid for.
  • Clients are kept well informed during service of any concerns regarding your pet’s well-being.
  • All wet dogs are appropriately toweled down on return from their walk.
  • Every effort is made to ensure your beloved pet(s) are safely returned home, happy & contented.

Free Introductory Meet

  • For first time bookings we provide a complimentary meet at the pet owner’s home to jointly customise a package with the client to meet both theirs and their pet(s) individual needs/requirements. The meet allows T. Bones service provider to start bonding with your pet(s) and collect relevant individual pet information to create a personal profile on each pet in our care.

Call Toni 0411 114 115 to organise a free no obligation meet and greet or click on our Enquire Online Tab to complete and submit your enquiry.


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Dog Walking

Dog Walking

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Pet Sitting

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